Sebastian is the CEO of Alpha Sports Academy as well as our head coach here at the academy. He has over 4 years experience coaching both football and tennis and is very passionate about sports and how sports can make a difference in each individual lives. He has his FA Level 1 & 2 Football qualification and ITF Intermediate tennis qualification. He was born and raised in Dubai and has been playing both sports for most of his life and continues playing both sports to this day.

FUN FACT: Sebastian’s favorite tennis player is Novak Djokovic and has watch him play live here in Dubai and his favorite football played in Lionel Messi.


To provide the best possible football experience for everyone involved with our Academy, We want to offer facilities and coaching in an atmosphere that is conducive to the development of every young person in terms of self-discipline,confidence and teamwork.We want to provide all the boys and girls at Alpha Sports Academy with the maximum opportunity to develop their football, personal, social, educational and sporting skills to their full potential.


We will make every effort to ensure that our coaches develop the skills, fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship and to foster these qualities at all levels of their football growth. We will endeavour to empower our players with a life-long passion and love for the game.It might not mean that our development teams win all the trophies but we firmly believe that if we do things in the right way the results will look after themselves.


To have a positive impact on the community and develop better people through sports. We want to create a lasting legacy for anyone who comes into contact with our club and for them to develop a lifelong association whether as players, coaches, officials or supporters.